Kashmar Edible Oil Ent. is a subsidiary of Desired Corporation Sdn. Bhd. which is actively involved in bulk exportation and distribution of all kinds of edible oil. Our wide range of product line include Palm oil, Rapeseed Oil, Cottonseed Oil, Canola Oil, Jatropha Oil, Soybean Oil, Groundnut oil, Sunflower oil among others. All the aforementioned oil are available in refined and crude.

Kashmar Edible Oil Ent. has also been involved in the bulk importation of Base Oils with over 20,000MT imported annually for use by the global market. We now supply  non-edible oil and industrial chemicals and additives like Crude oil, Palm Methyl Ester, Choice White Grease, B100 Bio diesel, and more, this is our new line of business. It is our strategic plan to be in a position to make more deliveries to meet the requirements of both the international market as well as be properly positioned to take full advantage of the eventual and complete deregulation of the downstream sector.

We focus mainly on customer satisfaction and take out sound business policies and transparent transactions to become an ideal sourcing destination for all kinds edible oil and this is the primary business that we do for now.

We are also a reputable consulting establishment with dynamic and dedicated professionals that are committed to excellence in the procurement of petroleum products. Interested dealers should contact us for mutual trade

Click Here to us an Email, Speak with David Taylor on our hot line +380630251666.



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